Istanbul, 9 December: 100 Years since Balfour & Historical Responsibilities

BDS Turkey will cap off its events marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration with an international conference on Saturday, 9 December in Istanbul

BDS Turkey will welcome distinguished scholars Ilan Pappé, Adel Manna and Fikret Başkaya on 9 December for a conference to discuss the Balfour Declaration from a number of angles, including the lead-up to and immediate ramifications of the proclamation, Zionist colonization in Palestine during the British mandate, the different dimensions of the occupation from 1917 until the present day, as well as the century of resistance to the occupation.

The conference will also focus on the historical culpability of the local and international actors during the occupation and colonization of Palestine. The event will present an investigation of the Balfour process and its consequences on an academic level while also issuing a call for reckoning on a political level in light of the truths that have emerged over the past century.

BDS Turkey invites everyone who is interested in the history of the Bilad al-Sham and is seeking to confront the reality of our region, as well as all Palestinians or friends of Palestine living in Turkey, to attend the conference at the Chamber of Medicine (Tabipler Odası) conference hall in Istanbul’s Cağaloğlu neighborhood.


BDS Turkey Preparation Workshop Paper

“Palestine in the Late Ottoman Era”

Adel Manna (Historian, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute)

“100 Years after the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire: A New Reading of the Effects of World War I on Palestine”

Ilan Pappé (Historian, Exeter University)

“Europe and Palestine from Balfour to BDS”

Fikret Başkaya (Researcher-Writer)

“A Century of Occupation, a Century of Resistance in Palestine”


Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017

Time: 14.00

Location: İstanbul Tabip Odası Merkez Büro, Türkocağı Cad. No: 9, Cağaloğlu-İstanbul

BDS Turkey

With the support of the Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe