Prisoners’ struggle reveals the lies of the occupation, the failure of the Palestinian Authority and the necessity of resistance

The Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Europe called for mobilizing the Palestinian national front to support the Palestinian prisoners in the Zionist occupation prisons and to support the first prisoners who have declared their open hunger strike in a new, heroic struggle called the “Battle of Dignity (Karameh) 2.” This struggle is confronting the injustices and attacks imposed by the Zionist prison authority under the direction of the racist, right-wing minister Gilad Erdan. The Union called upon the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization and all Palestinian factions to assume their national responsibilities and duties and carry out their role in raising the issue of prisoners before the General Assembly of the United Nations and other international institutions. It warned them against standing on the sidelines as helpless spectators while the hungry prisoners and national leaders of the Palestinian people suffer in prison.

Dr. Fawzi Ismail, president of the General Secretariat of the Union, noted that “the battle of the prisoners in Israeli jails must be taken up in regional and international forums and be on the agenda in advance of open hunger strikes. For the prisoners, a hunger strike is their last option. As they face the arrogance of the Zionist forces on one hand and the ineffectiveness of the PLO and the Authority on the other hand, the prisoners and our Palestinian national leaders inside the prisons have no choice but to engage in this battle to restore their rights, which the occupation attempts to confiscate and withdraw at any possible opportunity.

Ismail called on all Palestinian institutions, organizations and associations in Europe and everywhere in exile and diaspora to join in this battle of dignity. He praised the position of the Palestinian resistance forces in the Gaza Strip, who have been firm in linking all of these national struggles as one collective battle for justice.

“It is urgent to build consultation and cooperation between the different streams and forces of the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and solidarity movements around the world to support the Battle of Dignity 2. The cause of the prisoners is the cause of the entire Palestinian people, and they represent the solid revolutionary nucleus that is fighting the occupation on the front lines, defending the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people and our struggle for return and liberation,” Ismail said.