Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe expresses solidarity with Archbishop Atallah Hanna

The President of the Union of Palestinian Communities and Organizations in Europe, Dr. Fawzi Ismail, expressed his full solidarity with the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, the great Arab militant, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who was exposed a few days ago to an assassination attempt with toxic chemicals when Israeli occupation forces through a gas bomb inside his church.

Dr. Ismail wished, on his behalf and on behalf of all the members and bodies of the Union, for the speedy recovery of the struggler, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, appreciating his important national, unifying and Arab anti-occupation positions, his involvement, and his solid defense of Palestinian holy sites and Palestinian national identity.

Ismail stressed that the international community should bear the responsibility to investigate the circumstances of this crime of the occupation forces.

He stressed that these criminal acts practiced by the occupation will not achieve their goals and will instead only increase the militant Hanna’s commitment, strength and adherence to his principled positions.

The Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, said that the doctors verified that he was suffering the effects of poisoning by toxic substances, raising suspicions that he had been targeted in an attempt to assassinate him or harm him, blaming the Israeli occupation authorities for this act.

The official page of Archbishop Atallah Hanna published, on the evening of Wednesday, 18 December, a report that he suffered from health problems after experiencing symptoms of poisoning after inhaling chemicals after tear gas bombs were thrown in his church, and after that he was transferred to a hospital in occupied Jerusalem.