Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Europe urges action to protect prisoners

The Union of Palestinian Communities and Organizations – Europe greets the Palestinian people in the homeland and in diaspora, and all our comrades and brothers in the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, led by the great national leader Ahmad Sa’adat and the brothers, Marwan Barghouthi, Karim Younes, Abbas Sayyed, and all of our prisoners. We extend our salutes and congratulations to the prisoners and their leadership on the occasion of a historic, important victory in the Battle of Freedom and Dignity, which the prisoners’ movement fought in Israeli jails with steadfastness and will of steel, refusing to relent and achieving victory after 41 days of struggle in open hunger strike.

We urge all Palestinian institutions and associations and the movements of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Europe to celebrate this victory through organizing cultural, social and political events to continue the struggle and to work for the liberation of all prisoners from the jails of the occupation, exposing all of the schemes of the prison authority aimed at targeting the rights of our prisoners. The victory will be complete only with the removal of the occupation from the entire land of Palestine.

The Union reaffirms that this national achievement came due to the steadfastness of the prisoners and their families, and the blood of the martyrs who were killed in the struggle and the dozens wounded, and the struggle of just people and the forces of freedom in the world. And we renew our call to protect this victory of the political prisoners and warn against any attempt to circumvent or confiscate it for any partisan or official advantage.

Freedom for the prisoners

Glory to the martyrs and healing to the wounded

Victory for the Palestinian people and the Arab nation

Union of Palestinian Communities and Organizations – Europe