In a letter to European parliamentarians: Union of Palestinian Communities calls for immediate release of Nassar Jaradat

BRUSSELS, 12 June – The Union of Palestinian Communities and Organizations in Europe today addressed a number of friendly European political forces and hundreds of Members of European Parliament in a letter calling for the Israeli occupation to end its campaign of arrests against the Palestinian people and condemning the repressive policies of the Palestinian Authority security services. The Union’s letter urged the immediate release of Palestinian youth activist Nassar Jaradat, detained by the PA’s Preventive Security service.

Dr. Fawzi Ismail, president of the Union, emphasized in his letter the need for immediate action on the issue of political repression by the Palestinian Authority security services in the West Bank, taking place amid the framework of “security coordination” with the Israeli occupation. It urged the immediate release of Nassar Jaradat and all political detainees jailed by the Palestinian Authority.

At a time when the Israeli occupation launches daily arrest campaigns against Palestinian cadres and Palestinians resisting the occupation, the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Service arrested youth activist Nassar Jaradat in Ramallah, confiscating his right to freedom of expression,” said Dr. Ismail.

“We condemn this unjust daily repression against Palestinian youth at the hands of the occupation forces or Palestinian Authority forces,” said Dr. Ismail, saying that “this policy must be confronted and exposed before Arab, European and international public opinion.”

The youth activist Nassar Jaradat, 23, was arrested after he posted critical commentary on social media following Jibril Rajoub’s remarks on “Israeli sovereignty over the al-Buraq Wall” on Israeli Channel Two; these remarks provoked widespread anger among Palestinians; various Palestinian forces described Rajoub’s remarks as a “national crime” reflecting “political and moral deterioration.”

Dr. Ismail said, “The true national action that is acceptable to our people is to hold Jibril Rajoub accountable and subject him to questioning, and not the arrested young man Nassar Jaradat, who has committed no crime.”