Union launches its new official website, marking #Balfour100

Dr. Fawzi Ismail: We want a media platform for our people and a strong voice to confront the Zionist movement

Brussels – The General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe announced the launch of its official website as it marked the centennial of the infamous Balfour Declaration, in affirmation that this crime will not be erased from the memory of the Palestinian people in Palestine and in exile, including Palestinian communities in Europe. http://pal-europe.org/

The Union emphsized that it will continue to work to develop its media capacities on various levels to make the new site a national platform reflecting the views and perspectives of the Union and its political, social and cultural mission. The site will also reflect ongoing activities and events of the Palestinian community and a voice to challenge the Zionist movement in Europe.

The Union issued a public statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which said:

“Britain must be held accountable today for the Balfour Declaration, as a prerequisite for the freedom of Palestine. Britain’s insistence on celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration rather than admitting its guilt and apologizing to the Palestinian people reflects its imperial arrogance.”

The statement continued, “We, Palestinians in diaspora and Palestinian refugees in Europe and all over the world, will not recognize the illegitimate theft of the land of Palestine or the institutions created through its expropriation. We will not recognize its legitimacy or normalize it. We will continue to escalate our efforts to boycott Israel in all of our countries of residence at all levels – economic, political, military, diplomatic and cultural – and we will struggle to establish a free Palestine and the return of rights and the land to their true owners, the Palestinian people.”

The President of the Union’s General Secretariat, Dr. Fawzi Ismail, thanked the volunteers who created the new website, noting that it is beginning with three languages: Arabic, English and Italian, and that more will be added in the coming weeks.

Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe
4 November 2017