Stuttgart: Arab Cultural Club celebrates Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Stuttgart, Germany – In the presence of a number of attendees from the Palestinian and Arab community, the Arab Cultural Club in Stuttgart celebrated the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People with an event including cultural performances and speeches.

At the beginning of the event, Mohammed Hourani spoke, giving a brief overview of the activities of the ACC. He emphasized the importance of holding events to mark important national and historical days and to build unity among the Arab communities in Europe to support the Palestinian struggle to restore their historical rights.

Salem Al-Jarou also spoke, presenting the history of the club and its role in supporting the causes of the Arab and Palestinian people and defending their rights. He also addressed the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, its objectives and consequences for the Palestinian people, and the need to continue the struggle to assert the historical rights of the Palestinian people, especially in Europe, from which the Zionist movement stemmed and drew support.

The event included a speech by Nashat al-Khalidi, member of the General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe, who conveyed the greetings of the Union and its president, Dr. Fawzi Ismail, to the organizers of the event for their outstanding role in highlighting Arab culture and spreading national awareness among Arab communities in Germany. He emphasized the role of the Union in working to unify Palestinians in Europe on the basis of Palestinian national principles to form a significant force of pressure in support of the just cause of the Palestinian people. In particular, he focused on the need to escalate campaigns to boycott Israel in all forms and at all levels. He also discussed the current political situation facing the Palestinian people, including the importance of achieving national unity both inside Palestine and in exile and diaspora, pointing to the need for a comprehensive review of and exit from the disastrous phase of Oslo and the need to end Palestinian Authority security coordination with Israel.

The event included Palestinian dabkeh folkloric dance by the members of the club with the participation of the audience, along with the classic songs of the Palestinian revolution. Palestinian and Syrian families also prepared and served Palestinian food for the event. The Al-Khalidiya Band performed songs from Syria, Palestine and the Arab world.