No to aggression on Syria and Palestine!

Stand together against European participation in the war against the Syrian people

The General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Europe released the following statement on Saturday, 14 April 2018, in response to the U.S.-British-French aggression against Syria:

The Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions in Europe makes the strongest condemnation of the continued imperialist, Zionist and reactionary brutal aggression against Syria. We stand with the Syrian people against the barbaric bombing of Syria at dawn today and state that we consider this aggression to be a continuation of the US war of aggression against the peoples of the region and the Syrian people. This aggression targets their land and its institutions, state and national army, and is part of the colonial scheme to plunder the resources of the people and impose hegemony and domination upon the capabilities, sovereignty and dignity of every Arab nation.

We call upon ourselves first, and upon all of the Arab and Palestinian communities in Europe and the friends of Palestine in Europe to declare a clear and frank stance against the French and British participation in this barbaric aggression, which brings to mind the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, but this time is led by the United States.

The colonial powers that occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, destroyed Libya and are mercilessly attacking Yemen continue their war on the Syrian people. This attack today in Syria is an American and Israeli attempt to prevent the achievement of peace or resolution in the country and stop the rebuilding of a strong Syria, with the free participation of all Syrians and their diverse movements, intellectual viewpoints and political persuasions.

We call on the Palestinian and Arab communities in Europe and the forces of the European anti-imperialist left and anti-war movement in particular to express their rejection of aggression through actions, demonstrations and media activities to reject the participation of European countries in the aggression and drive toward war led by the U.S. President, Donald Trump and planned in cooperation with Zionist colonial forces and Arab reactionary regimes, at the forefront Saudi Arabia and its allies.

No to war and aggression against the Syrian people!
Together we will defeat the occupation and the forces of exploitation and reaction!

Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe


Photo: Liberation News