Union: Europe is a partner in the Zionist war crimes against the Palestinian people

Statement by the Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe

  • The European Union is a partner in the war crimes committed against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip
  • We deeply appreciate all of the unified national efforts taking place in the events and marches for return in the diaspora
  • We urge the escalation of all forms of solidarity and popular mobilization in European cities and communities

The Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe is closely following the developing news from occupied Palestine and the Gaza Strip in particular, where 43 Palestinians were taken as martyrs and over 1,700 injured at the time of this statement. They were attacked as the Palestinian masses sought to exercise their natural right to return to their occupied homes, villages and towns from which they were forcibly displaced, declaring their adherence to their legitimate rights after 70 years of historical injustice inflicted on our people through the establishment of the Zionist entity in our homeland as well as 11 years of wars, aggression and siege.

The Union stands firmly by the brave Palestinian people in the occupied homeland and in exile and diaspora. We affirm the right of our people to return and self-determination, and we affirm the legitimacy of all forms of resistance to recover our confiscated rights. The Union condemns the official Palestinian and Arab state of incompetence and weakness, demanding action to expose the crimes of Zionism and take the political positions necessary to confront U.S. policies and attempts to impose conditions upon our people and liquidate their legitimate rights.

We strongly condemn the official European position which is entirely biased in favor of the occupying power and which serves as an accomplice to the brutal practices of the Israeli army against our people in occupied Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip. We demand that the EU countries stop their support for aggression and denial of reality that have become clear to the entire world.

At the same time, we highly appreciate the role of the friendly, democratic and leftist forces in Europe who stand with justice, international law and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and who have joined our Palestinian and Arab communities in Greece, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium and many European cities to express their support for Palestinian resistance and their rejection of U.S. and European policies.

We also highly appreciate all of the unified, national efforts taking place in many European cities and the growing sense of responsibility to strengthen the unity of the Palestinian people in order to support our struggling people in the occupied homeland and to form an organized force capable of putting pressure on the official European position.

The urgent task of all Palestinian, Arab and Islamic forces and institutions in Europe must be to raise the level of our political, media and public solidarity actions and to provide strong pillars of steadfastness and support for the intifada of return and marches to break the siege launched from the Gaza Strip. This is the responsibility of the entire Palestinian national movement throughout the Arab world and everywhere in diaspora and exile.